Ball Mill Machine 380V VFD

Ball Mill Machine 380V VFD

FST-500 Series Ball mill machine 380V VFD, adopting international advanced vector control algorithm with excellent features. FST-500 inverter supports wall mounting and rail mounting in a smaller size, which saves installation space. It is a high performance mini product for small power markets.

Product Details

Ball mill machine 380V VFD

Main features

Adjustable V/F curve & Simple vector control

Compact design, less installation space

8-step speed control & 7-step process control

Standard potentiometer and external LED keypad

Communication interface RS-485 (Baud rate 38400)

Automatic adjustment of accel./decel. Times

CE requirements certified

Packing, Food, Textile, Centrifugal Machinery, Carving Machinery, And Wire Cutting


Function description


Rated input voltage (V)

1PH 220V(-15%)240V(+10%)
3PH 380V(-15%)440V(+10%)

Rated input frequency (Hz)

50Hz or 60Hz, permissible range: 4763Hz

Rated output voltage (V)

Equal to input voltage with less than 5% error

Rated output frequency (Hz)

50Hz/60Hz, fluctuation range: ±5%

Control mode

V/f control

Max output frequency


Speed ratio


Overload capacity

1m for 150% of rated current, 10s for 180% of rated   current, 1s for 200% of rated current

Analog input resolution

No more than 20mV

Terminal digital input resolution

No more than 2ms

Analog I/O

Input  one 010V or 020mA, output one 010V   or 020Ma

Digital I/O

Five normal inputs, one Y terminal output (in common   use with normal digital output) and one programmable relay output


485 communication  (Baud rate 38400)

Installation mode

Wall installation

Ambient temp

10~50, derated if the ambient temp is above 40

Cooling mode

air cooling

Fault protection

Provide dozens of fault protection functions:   overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemp and overload

Brake unit

Built-in brake unit in standard configuration

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