frequency inverter common problem - parameter class

- Sep 03, 2018-

1. What is the factory default parameters of the inverter?


2, I would like to ask the inverter F1 motor parameters [motor leakage inductance] is the specified sub-leakage inductance or rotor leakage inductance?

Stator leakage inductance = rotor leakage inductance = motor leakage inductance

3. Can the inverter view the previous fault information?

Yes, for example, our inverter can view the last three fault code information through parameters F9-14~F9-17.

5.What is the difference between 0/1 and F0-23 (digital setting frequency shutdown memory selection) of F0-03 (main frequency source X selection) in MD380/MD500 function code?

F0-03=0 refers to the digital setting frequency, and the power is not memorized.

F0-03=1 means digital setting frequency, power-down memory

F0-23=0 means stop and do not remember the digital set frequency

F0-23=1 refers to the shutdown memory digital setting frequency

6. What is the difference between MD1-3's motor tuning F1-37=3 (static self-learning 2) and F1-37=1 (static self-learning 1)?

MD380 is a “static self-learning 2” function. It is suitable for self-learning of motor parameters without encoder and motor at rest. At this time, the motor may still have slight jitter, so pay attention to safety.

7. What is the difference between U0-19 (feedback speed) and U0-29 (encoder feedback speed) of MD380? What is the frequency or speed?

U0-19 is the inverter output frequency, U0-29 is the actual motor frequency fed back by the encoder, both of which show the frequency.

8. What is the difference between the ac drive parameters: U0-45 (fault information) and U0-62 (current fault code)?

U0-45 refers to the fault information code, such as communication fault code 16; U0-62 is the fault subcode, and the fault subcode is the sub fault of the fault information.

9, our inverter U1 group display parameters are not displayed, can not be monitored?

U1 group parameters will be displayed after U1-06=1. (Note: U1-06 will be set after finding the origin