FST-800 user manual

- May 30, 2019-

FST-800   Drive SPECIFICATIONS (continued)


Control Characteristics

Control Method

Sine wave PWM

Starting Torque

150% below 1Hz (150% at 0 rpm with PG)

Speed Control Range

100:1 (1000:1 with PG)

Speed Control Accuracy

±0.2% (±0.02% with PG)

Speed Response

5Hz (30Hz with PG)

Torque Limit

Can be set by parameter: 4 quadrant control

Torque Accuracy


Torque Response

20Hz (40Hz with PG)

Frequency Control Range

0.1 to 400 Hz

Frequency Accuracy

Digital command: 0.01%, Analog command: 0.1%

Frequency Setting


Digital Operator Reference: 0.01Hz

Analog Reference: 0.03Hz (@60Hz)

Output Frequency



0.01 Hz

Frequency Setting Signal

-10 to +10V, 0 to +10V, 4 to 20mA


Accel/Decel Time

0.0 to 6000.0 sec. (Accel/Decel time setting   independently, 4 steps available)

Braking Torque

Approx. 20%

Protective Functions

Motor Overload Protection

UL-recognized electronic thermal overload relay (I2T)

Instantaneous Overcurrent

Motor coasts to stop at approximately 200% rated output   current. (CT Rating)

Fuse Protection

Motor coasts to stop at blown fuse.


Motor coasts to stop after 1 min. at 150% rated output   current. (CT Rating)


Motor coasts to stop if converter output voltage   exceeds 410VDC (820VDC at 460V input, 1040VDC at 575V input)


Motor coasts to stop if converter output voltage drops   below user adjustable value


Momentary Power Loss

Immediately stop after 15 ms or longer power loss.   (Continuous system operation during power loss less than 2s is equipped as   standard.)

Heatsink Overheat

Thermistor - OH1, OH2

Stall Prevention

Stall prevention during acceleration, deceleration and   constant speed operation

Ground Fault

Provided by electronic circuit (overcurrent level)

Power Charge



Charge LED stays on until bus voltage drops below 50VDC

Input Phase Loss

Single-phase protection

Environmental Conditions


Indoor (protected from corrosive gases and dust)

Ambient Temperature

+14 to 104°F   (-10 to 40°C) for NEMA   1 type +14 to 113°F (-10   to 45°C) for   Open Chassis type

Storage Temperature

-4 to 140°F   (-20 to 60°C)


95% RH (non-condensing)


9.8m/s2 (1G)   less than 20Hz, up to 1.96m/s2   (0.2G) at 20 to 50Hz