Future development of inverter industry

- Dec 03, 2018-

The reason why domestic inverters have not matured´╝îIt is precisely because the current inverter market is still facing many industrial bottlenecks.Specifically, on the one hand, cutting-edge technology is difficult to break through.At present, domestic inverters are still in the primary growth stage, and more efforts are made in the low-end market.  

The high-end market is rarely involved.On the other hand, in the past few years, the inverter market has been constantly changing.In order to build their own competitive advantage.

Fighting price wars, but neglecting considerations about product quality, performance, and user needs.Leading to chaos in the market,Moreover, some enterprises that only see the immediate interests without long-term planning have also hindered the progress of the entire industry to some extent.Foreign brands occupy the domestic market for a long time,Challenged local brand building.

Foreign brands account for more than 95% of the domestic inverter market. Local brands are still difficult to compete with them.Living space is also gradually decreasing.The rise of national brands is imminent.