Knowing that the frequency converter should start from the mode

- Dec 13, 2018-

Analog electronic circuit:Generally refers to frequencies below 100 megahertz HZ,Analog signal with voltage within tens of volts and analysis/processing of this signal and application of related devices,Signals above 100 megahertz HZ belong to the category of high frequency electronic circuits. Signals above 100 volts are in the category of strong or high voltage.

Digital electronic circuit:Generally refers to the analysis and processing of signals through digital logic and calculation, the composition and application of digital logic circuits

The input and output terminals of the digital power are generally composed of mode power, and the basic logic element that constitutes the electric quantity is the saturation characteristic and the cut-off characteristic of the three-stage tube in the mode power.

Due to the large-scale integration of digital power, complex mathematical operations can be performed, which are insensitive to parameters such as temperature, interference, and aging, so it is the future development direction.

Analog input - AD sampling (digital) - digital processing - DA conversion - analog output