Using the method of inverter installation

- Jun 15, 2018-

Using the method of inverter installation

1) will switch in the closed position (OFF), and then put the cigar head into the car cigarette lighter socket, plug in place and ensure good contact;

2) to confirm that the power of all electrical appliances can be used below the nominal power of G-ICE, and the 220V plug is inserted into the 220V socket at one end of the converter and the power of all connected electrical appliances in the two sockets is within the nominal power of the G-ICE.

3) to open the switch, the green light, said the normal work.

4) the red indicator light, said that due to overvoltage / undervoltage / overload / over temperature, resulting in converter shutdown.

5) in many cases, due to the limited output of the car's cigarette holder, the converter can alarm or turn off when it is used normally, and it can be returned to normal when the vehicle is launched or the power is reduced.