A Brief Analysis Of The Related Features Of The New Equipment Of The 380V Regulator

- Jun 15, 2018-

A brief analysis of the related features of the new equipment of the 380V regulator

It adopts the latest DSP computing chip control technology, rapid AC sampling technology, effective value correction technology, current zero crossing switching technology and fast compensation voltage stabilizing technology. It combines intelligent instrument, fast voltage regulator and fault diagnosis together to make the product safe, efficient and precise. The application of the 380V regulator performance index is now outside the basic voltage and the components of the transmitting crystal.

The output of the current is also improved by the device. The current transmitter is also controlled by the voltage. The current reference voltage is very different from the feedback, in which the error and the current are reduced. The voltage is lowered under the lift of the crystal, and the current is dredged to increase the voltage. In the high voltage crystal transmission, there is also the current flow of the voltage regulator. The dynamic character of the system has a great composition. In the amplifier, the voltage regulator inputs and impedances the circuit's resistance to the pole, and the output circuit has a stable load power supply.

It is mainly composed of isolation transformer, SCR module, CPU control core, fast voltage stabilizing technology and safety protection device. It realizes all contactless control, safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is the perfect combination of SCR switch technology and transformer technology.