Application Of 3D Digital Virtual Technology In Wind And Electric Field

- Jun 15, 2018-

Application of 3D digital virtual technology in wind and electric field

There are the following aspects in the application of the project:

(1) the formulation and optimization of the big project of the project device can be demonstrated by the three-dimensional design software for the decision makers to have a more intuitive and comprehensive concept impression on the proposed project, which is not only convenient for decision making, but also assisting in the estimation of the total investment of the project.

(2) the 3D modeling simulation process is made into video, which greatly improves the efficiency and intuition of the bidding and bidding of the project, which is compared with the traditional bidding method. It has a great visual impact and increases the probability of winning the bid.

(3) through the conceptual design of the proposed wind farm three-dimensional simulation, the proposed wind farm will be presented intuitively; through the simulation of terrain and terrain to determine the impact of surrounding environment on the proposed wind farm; through the simulation of wind farm boost station and management area, fan arrangement, maintenance road, integrated circuit and other aspects of simulation The rationality of the design is verified, and finally, a variety of influencing factors of wind farms are simulated and displayed.

(4) to optimize the early layout scheme, people can see the relative position, shape and size of the device area and the main equipment in the 3D model demonstration.