Deep Cultivating Inverter Field, Doing Professional Manufacturer

- Dec 13, 2018-

Anyhertz is a company focused on industrial automation,Personalized control product development.Innovative companies that produce and sell,The company is based on industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights.Committed to providing customers with industry-specific products and personalized solutions,At present, Anyhertz drive mainly develops, produces and sells special inverters for the industry, general-purpose inverters, servo drives and other products.Rich products bring a broad sales market to China Drive Electric,Based on the advantages of stable quality, flexible control and powerful functions, Anyhertz is widely used in many industries such as machine tools, textiles, metallurgy, lifting, oil fields, plastics and chemicals.At present, Anyhertz drive is constantly improving its management concept, perfect process production system, and improved processing technology to ensure high-quality, high-value inverter products for enterprises.