Selection Of Vehicle Inverter

- Jun 15, 2018-

Selection of vehicle inverter

Vehicle inverter is a kind of power supply which works in high current and high frequency environment. Its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, the consumer must be careful when buying. First, from the inverter output waveform selection, the best do not lower than the quasi sinusoidal wave; secondly, the inverter has a complete circuit protection function; third, the manufacturer should have a good after-sales service commitment; fourth, the circuit and product after a period of test.

1, in addition to the price factors, the choice of vehicle power supply is mainly to consider the demand for the input voltage and the size of the output power of the vehicle power supply. In addition, because of the great difference in the power of all kinds of electrical appliances, it is necessary to choose the vehicle power supply according to the use demand. The principle is that the principle is enough.

2, according to the different types of electrical appliances used to choose the appropriate vehicle power supply, for daily resistive electrical appliances choose Fang Bo, Xiu Zhengbo, sine wave can be used, for perceptual electrical appliances, the sine wave inverter must be selected.

3, Fang Bo / modified wave inverter power can not bring inductive load and capacitive load, can not drive air conditioning, refrigerators, also difficult to supply high quality audio TV. Strictly speaking, the square wave / corrected wave inverter will affect the service life of electrical appliances. These problems will not occur when using sine wave inverter.