The Application Field Of Inverters

- Jun 15, 2018-

The application field of inverters

1. the 220V of the inverter on the car is 220V 50HZ, the high grade point is sine wave, and the cheap one is square wave.

The type of sine wave and the electricity used on the socket is the same, and Fang Bo's actually can be used, but if the fan and other motor equipment, there will be some noise, the reason for using square wave, is because the modulation cost is relatively low. Generally, the vehicular inverter, the maximum power of only 500 watts, the air conditioner is generally 700 watts, and, and you really want to load the home air conditioner on the car??? The air conditioning in the car, including those big buses, is to make the engine drive the compressor directly, not the electricity, if one more electrical conversion process in the middle is damaged. It's much more expensive. And it's not good to install, so it's better to use a car air conditioner.

2. to take notebook, TV, disc machine and something, as long as it is used at his rated power, but it needs to be noticed that he is connected to the car battery. Although he is generally 11V, it automatically protects the power, avoids the low voltage and causes the car to be unable to start, but it is not suitable for the engine without running. So, if the load is relatively large, it is still recommended to start the engine. There's nothing wrong with the rechargeable phone.