The Application Field Of Inverters-2

- Jun 15, 2018-

The application field of inverters

the electric car, there is a module called DC-DC, he also called a DC converter, the module input 48V, output 12V, so you just buy a 12V input inverter can be used. Of course, if you can buy the 48V input inverter better, but the estimate is difficult to buy and this module can only provide only the 5A current, at most 10A, and the lights are also used, so it is easy to overload, suggest that if you can, buy a DC converter, this converter is specially supplied to your inverter power supply. Then if the DC converter can only provide 5A, then the input of the inverter should be less than 5A, otherwise the module may be damaged, of course, some DC converter current is very large. If there is no place to repair the car, you can go to some electric stores or call them to repair you with a large current, or more direct current transfer. Parallel connection can also be done. In short, do not overload him.

There is a VVVF traction inverter on 4. urban rail vehicles, which is used in variable frequency voltage variable pressure. When the train is drawn, the high voltage (generally dc750V or DC1500V) is changed into frequency and voltage adjustable three phase electric traction electric motive force. In braking, the three phase electric energy produced by the train's inertia can be converted into DC power by the train's inertia. The feedback is consumed by the grid or through the energy consumption module.