The Use Method And Precautions Of The Vehicular Inverter

- Jun 15, 2018-

The use method and precautions of the vehicular inverter

1. Insert the vehicle inverter into the cigarette lighter socket. When you insert, please check the tightness between the plug and the socket. When you are too loose, open both sides of the insertion shrapnel and insert it into the cigarette socket.

2. Confirm whether the power indicator of vehicle inverter is light.

3. Plug the power plug of the electrical appliance into the socket of the vehicle power converter.

Matters needing attention:

1. When removing the electrical plug in continuous use, make sure that the switch on the electrical appliance has been set on the "off" and then unplug the power supply.

2. When replacing the fuse of the vehicle inverter, it is necessary to use the same type and specification fuse, and the use of the specified fuse or wire will cause abnormal overheating and fire.

3, clean up the dirt on the plug of the inverter in time, so as not to cause the converter to contact poorly or overheat.

4. When using or not using a vehicle inverter, remove the vehicle inverter from the cigarette socket and keep it properly.